Wall cladding panel MG4-T

The MG4-T aesthetic wall or tunnel cladding consists of a combination of perforated and non-perforated corrugated steel or aluminium panels.

Its field of application is specific for installation in tunnels with highly irregular surfaces, either inside or outside (approaches).

They give the subway or road tunnel a regular, uniform and aesthetically pleasing surface.

It has a pattern of perforations specially designed to reduce the vibrations of the lining itself, due to the dynamic actions of vehicles.

Weight: -
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Technical Information

Acoustic Parameters

  • Absorption Class: -
  • Insulation Class: -
  • Absorption Rate (DLa): -
  • Airborne Sound Insulation Index (DLᵣ): -
  • Weighted Sound Reduction Index: -
  • Front/rear plate combination: PERFORATED

Geometric Characteristics

  • Panel thickness (mm): -
  • Front plate thickness (mm): 1
  • Rear plate thickness (mm): -

Mechanical properties

  • Design Load (Kg/m²): 150
  • Panel length (mm): VARIABLE
  • Panel Height (mm): 500

Panel Morphology

  • Material: ACER/ALUMINUM
  • Is it absorbent for both sides?:
  • Assembly: SELF-TAPPING


  • Panels: made with galvanised and galvanised steel plate. At the customer’s request, it can include a powder coated finish in different colours of the RAL chart to provide excellent resistance to its outdoor location.
  • Supporting structure: wall anchoring system that uses adjustable rods composed of profiles so that the panels can adapt to straight or irregular walls.
  • Metal rivets: upper and lower steel or aluminium rivets.


– Its appearance means it blends in perfectly with the landscape.

– Its varied designs result in different combinations.

– Thanks to its modular structure and lightness, the panel is easy to install.

Long-lasting thanks to the quality of its components.

– Panel for road and rail infrastructure applications.

Powder coated in the different standard colours of the RAL chart.


  • The simplicity and fixture of the system make it easy to repair and replace if damaged in accidents.
  • Non-flammable covering (class 3 according to Standard 1794-2)
  • Stable structure with vertically arranged panels that provide structural stability when attached to an appropriate support.
  • It improves the appearance of walls and tunnels by applying colour to their surface.
  • It helps in the lighting and visibility of enclosed spaces by reflecting light, compared to the darkness of the usual concrete walls.


Wall anchoring system that uses adjustable rods formed by horizontal guide profiles so that the panels can adapt to straight, curved walls and the irregularities of the treated surface (pile wall, sprayed concrete wall, etc.).

All aspects affecting the final effectiveness of the covering should be considered.

Calculation note on request.

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