Sustainability as a strategyfor the future

It is key to follow an adequate environmental policy, starting from the purchase of raw materials to manufacturing and waste management. As a company committed to the environment and the protection of the natural resources, we share some of the actions carried out that are part of our inner targets.

Solar Energy

With our solar power plant, we generate 340,398 kWh of clean energy each year, covering 39.6% of our consumption needs.


We promote reuse of resources and circular economy. All our components are duly recycled once their useful life has been exceeded.

Commercial fleet

By 2030, we are committed to convert our entire commercial fleet into hybrid and electric vehicles to emit less CO2 and nitrogen oxides.

Zero discharge

The powder coating process integrates a purification equipment that allows to eliminate the reagent used. It also permits savings in consumption and avoids discharges into the network, guaranteeing waste control.

Committed to the environmentand the natural resources

 COMPARISON 2018-2021

Metalesa has reduced it's carbon footprint by 6% compared to the previous three years.

Our carbon footprint has diminished from 369.74 tons of CO2 during the three-year period 2018-2020 to 348.66 tons of CO2 in the 2019-2021 triennium.

We are currently covering 39.6% of our energy needs thanks to our solar plant.

These targets have been achieved thanks to the continuous efforts of the company aiming at improving the efficiency of our production processes. Note that the reduction in the intensity of emissions in 2018 vs. 2021 has been 16.52%.



We have been awarded with the "Calculate + Reduce" certificate from the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition thanks to the 6% reduction in the intensity of CO2 emissions generated by our activity compared to the previous three years.

Our wayin sustainability

Metalesa considers essential for the continuity of the company the integration of sustainability both in the strategy and the operations of the business. This commitment is reflected in our daily practices, inner environmental policies, purchase of raw materials, manufacturing processes and waste management.

Contribution to change

Metalesa contributes to the improvement of society both from an environmental and social point of view.

Our roadmap

Metalesa, aligned with the 2030 Agenda, works to advance towards the construction of a more sustainable society.

Aligned with the SDGs

The SDGs are the priority objectives on which METALESA focuses its strategy and efforts.

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