When we hear the term ‘noise pollution’, it is commonly associated it with the noise produced on the roads due to traffic, industrial zones… But these activities are not the only ones that generate excess of noise. In this sense, entertainment venues such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, game rooms ... are also a source of noise to take into account if we want to guarantee the quality of life of people who live in areas close to this type of premises. . In the entertainment venues several factors are mixed, on the one hand, music is usually very loud, and on the other hand, the bustle of people outside. All this together leads to an acoustic problem in cities to which Metalesa aspires to provide a solution.  

Acoustic regulations for leisure venues

Leisure venues are obliged not to exceed certain noise limits. In accordance with Law 7/2002, which refers to protection against noise pollution, and many other regional or local legislation, these are the maximum acoustic levels allowed in this type of premises:
  • Nightclubs: 104 dB (A)
  • Venues with musical ambience: 90 dB (A)
  • Game rooms: 85 dB (A)
  • Bars and restaurants: 80 dB (A)
However, it is important to add that, although an entertainment venue may be complying with acoustic regulations, noise can still be annoying for people living in its surroundings, specially at night. For this reason, it is so important to provide these businesses with the accurante infrastructures to eliminate noise pollution, preferably through acoustic screens specially designed for leisure venues.

First step: carrying out an acoustic study in leisure venues

The first step is usuarlly to carry out an acoustic study in the area affected by excessive noise. Experts in acoustic studies use both measurement equipment and a very clear methodology. They are responsible for evaluating it there is an actual excesso of noise over the limits established by law. The acoustic study duration may bary from a few hours to several days, depending on various factors, for example, if it is a closed or an open room, or if it is a high or low space. A noise map is obtained as a result of the acoustic study. If the indicators show that the actual noise surpasses the legal limits, METALESA can handle the solution with its accoustic screes. Later one, the experts will return to confirm that the original acoustic problem has disappeared. In fact, it is important to bear in mind that conducting an acoustic study is mandatory for all those premises that produce noise with a sound pressure level greater than 70dBA. The specifications of each premises are included in the municipal ordinances.  

Types of acoustic screens for entertainment venues


Urban acoustic screen for leisure venues

Urban acoustic screens for entertainment venues are ideal for outdoor terraces. In addition to being effective, they also fulfill an aesthetic function. At Metalesa we design, manufacture and install urban acoustic screens for leisure venues of three types: metal, methacrylate and wood. All types of acoustic panels will be equally efficient, but aesthetically one type of acoustic screen may be more convenient than another. For example, transparent methacrylate acoustic screens are perfect to attenuate noise while customers do not lose attractive views. On the contrary, if it is a space where privacy is important, it might be a better idea to chose metal or wooden acoustic screens. In addition, this type of acoustic screens can give entertainment venues their own style and personality.

Acoustic screen with vegetal mesh for leisure venues

The Metagreen acoustic screen is also an acoustic barrier that provides a great solution to the aesthetic appearance. A leisure space that surrounds its area with this type of screen will create a vertical garden that will act as a decorative element of the walls of the premise. The growth of vegetation in this type of acoustic panels is achieved by adding over the rock wool a green plastic mesh that facilitates the growth and rooting of vegetation on both sides.

Design Acoustic Screen

For us, each client is unique and that is why we attend to their needs in a totally personalized way. The quality of our products consists of offering the client a product that is 100% adapted to their projects. Successful entertainment venues tend to have a well-defined and studied design and decoration, and the installation of an acoustic screen should not be a disruptive element in this harmony. Our Design Acoustic Screens allow the owners of the entertainment venues to never lose their style, and at the same time comply with the acoustic regulations. As we have previously mentioned, at Metalesa we take care of offering a quality product that not only meets high expectations in relation to acoustic problems, but also at the level of design and adaptation to the space of our clients. The truth is that it cannot be denied that the installation of acoustic screens for leisure venues is always a good idea to guarantee the rest of the neighbors and avoid more than one complaint on their part, improving the image of your premises. If you are the owner of a leisure establishment, do not hesitate to contact us. It is not worth risking a possible fine, or generating discontent in your neighborhood. Bet on the safety, health and aesthetics that our acoustic screens guarantee. To request a quote, call us at 96 088 99 44 or send us an email to metalesa@metalesa.com