Methacrylate panel MM15

The MM15 sound-insulating panel consists of a colourless or coloured 15 mm PMMA extruded polymethacrylate sheet of different sizes that fits between the HEA/HEB fastening profiles of the supporting structure. To ensure the screen as a whole works properly, the panels are fitted with EPDM seals.

This type of shielding is noise reflective, providing only acoustic insulation behind the screen.

The panels adapt to different profile widths.

Reference: 7519
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Technical Information

Acoustic Parameters

  • Absorption Class: -
  • Insulation Class: B3
  • Absorption Rate (DLa): -
  • Airborne Sound Insulation Index (DLᵣ): 30
  • Weighted Sound Reduction Index: 33 (-2;-3)
  • Front/rear plate combination: -

Geometric Characteristics

  • Panel thickness (mm): 15
  • Front plate thickness (mm): -
  • Rear plate thickness (mm): -

Mechanical properties

  • Design Load (Kg/m²): 112
  • Panel length (mm): VARIABLE
  • Panel Height (mm): VARIABLE

Panel Morphology

  • Material: METHACRYLATE
  • Is it absorbent for both sides?:
  • Assembly: SLIDING


  • 15 mm thick polymethacrylate sheet.
  • U-shaped synthetic rubber seal (EPDM) pressure-fitted around the edges of the polymethacrylate sheet.


  • It is easily framed between the HEA/HEB profiles of the screen support structure.
  • The configuration of the methacrylate panel offers maximum insulation.
  • Its appearance means it blends in perfectly with the landscape.
  • Its different designs offer different combinations, providing different sizes and combinations with other types of panel, resulting in mixed screening.
  • Long-lasting thanks to the quality of its components.
  • Great resistance to wind load.
  • Galvanised and powder coated components in the different standard colours of the RAL chart.

Acoustic and mechanical features

  • The insulating properties of the methacrylate screen have been assessed according to Standard EN 1793-2:1998, obtaining an airborne sound insulation index of DLR =30 dB corresponding to rating B3
  • According to Standard EN 717-1, the weighted sound reduction index Rw (C;Ctr) = 33 (-2;-3) is obtained.
  • The PMMA complies with the German Standard ZTV-LSW 88, in its acoustic and mechanical properties.

The panels are mechanically tested according to EN 1794-1, having obtained very high loads in tests carried out in accredited laboratories.

For certain solutions, it is possible to guarantee mechanical properties through appropriate analytical calculations, as provided for in current regulations.

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