Design acoustic screen

The design panel is tailor-made for each project to blend into landscapes or environments with a unique exterior appearance.

The result is an innovative solution with an impacts thanks to its design.

The screening serves a dual function, acoustic and aesthetic, where noise protection becomes a creative element while preserving acoustic properties.



Technical Information

Acoustic Parameters

  • Absorption Class: -
  • Insulation Class: -
  • Absorption Rate (DLa): -
  • Airborne Sound Insulation Index (DLᵣ): -
  • Weighted Sound Reduction Index: -
  • Front/rear plate combination: PERFORATED/BLIND

Geometric Characteristics

  • Panel thickness (mm): 150
  • Front plate thickness (mm): 2
  • Rear plate thickness (mm): 2

Mechanical properties

  • Design Load (Kg/m²): -
  • Panel length (mm): VARIABLE
  • Panel Height (mm): VARIABLE

Panel Morphology

  • Material: ALUMINIUM
  • Is it absorbent for both sides?:
  • Assembly: SELF-TAPPING


  • Multiple possibilities of design and application.
  • Versatile, personalised panels tailor-made for each project.
  • High acoustic absorption.
  • High level of acoustic insulation.
  • Long-lasting thanks to the quality of its components.

Calculation and optimisation

All aspects affecting the final efficiency of the screen must be considered: compliance with the on-site construction conditions, installation of the screen, type of panel, distance between posts, etc.

As important as the characteristics of the panels are: suitability of the type, height, insulation parameters, acoustic simulation, etc. It is also necessary to complete an appropriate foundation project to guarantee the stability of the system. Our team of engineers and estimators jointly manage all factors to ensure the screen works properly.


At the customer’s request, we complete all stages of the assembly process:

  • Calculations of the foundations and supporting structure.
  • Layout based on the topographic elevation.
  • Building of foundations.
  • Assembly of support profiles and installation of panels.

Our team of engineers has extensive experience in calculation and optimisation, and our team of fitters and associated subcontractors have been assembling acoustic screen solutions under all conditions for years.

Documentation & Downloads

If you are an installer, engineer, architect or even a private buyer, you can count on our advice. We put at your disposal a wide library of files with detailed drawings, technical sheets, declarations of performance, certificates, installation manuals, safety and recycling instructions and other technical information of our products. Feel free to download any documentation you need and to use all available tools.

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