We are approaching the Christmas holidays, when we usually meet with our loved ones, sometimes traveling many kilometres to be back home for some days. For us, the best Christmas gift is that all drivers arrive safely at their destinations.

Data that, even if you don’t like it, we have to tell you

According to the DGT, last Christmas 57 fatalities were settled in traffic accidents on Spanish roads. Most of the accidents involved loss of control and run-off-road collisions. 21 people were vulnerable users (pedestrians, motorists and cyclists) while 35 were vehicle drivers.

This is not data kind to say, but, if we want to make drivers aware of the importance of being careful on the road this Christmas, it is necessary to expose the reality as hard as it is. Hopefully this year this figure is reduced to the minimum possible. Let’s do our best to achieve this goal.

Traffic accidents: why do they happen more at Christmas time?

  • At Christmas trips increase, up to a 16 million estimation. The more cars out there, the more chances of suffering an accident, so it is essential to exercise extreme caution at the wheel.
  • Increase in alcohol consumption: Christmas lunches and dinners stand out for their joy, delicious food, and as a general rule, a few extra drinks. Something as simple and effective as the famous ‘if you drink, don’t drive’, unfortunately it is not followed literally, and every Christmas, a considerable number of drivers test positive for breathalyzer, posing a great danger to safety drivers and themselves.
  • Adverse weather conditions: Winter weather can play against us. Strong winds, icy roads, fog or rain multiply the danger on the roads. These adverse weather conditions make it difficult to control the vehicle and can trigger accidents, so it is important to slow down, keep a safe distance from other vehicles and drive with all 5 senses on the road.
  • Speeding: Speeding is the leading cause of traffic accidents at Christmas. These are dates when we tend to get overwhelmed by last minute purchases and the unexpected … But rushing on the road is never a good option. Think before acting!

With all these factors in mind on the road, we can all have a happy Christmas free of bad news. These dates are to be enjoyed to the fullest!

Protection is our goal: Discover our products

Whether it is Christmas or not, whatever the date, road safety does not understand holidays and we are always there. Our products, both on Spanish and international roads, take care of the people who travel every day, protecting people, saving lives.

Next, we show you some of the products that we design, manufacture and install at Metalesa to guarantee the safety of what matters most to us: people. Because you deserve a Christmas full of love and happiness.

Bridge equipment

The bridges on the roads represent sections of more danger for drivers, therefore, we take care of providing them with protection measures through the installation of equipment for bridges.

Bridge Metal parapets

A metal parapet is a vehicle restraint system approved according to the UNE EN 1317 parts 1 and 2 standard, so that having passed the relevant full-scale tests it has obtained the CE marking. It is placed in passage works, wall crowning, bridge decks …

We have the META13 bridge parapet and the META16 metal parapet, essential as elements to guarantee road safety.

Some of its advantages:

  • Both parapets allow the placement of acoustic screens and vandal-proof fences at a very short distance from the parapet.
  • In the event of a vehicle crash, replacement of items is quick and inexpensive.
  • It is very versatile with the possibility of placing grilles or protection systems for motorists
  • High durability through discontinuous galvanization, allows thermo-lacquering in the different colors of the RAL chart.

Railings for bridges

Bridge rails function as a restraint system for people or other personal mobility vehicles.

We have a wide variety of models of steel railing for bridges that are easy to install, being able to choose the most suitable thermo-lacquered finishes and colors for the integration of the railing with the landscape.

We also manufacture stainless steel railings, with steel cable or other designs that will cover any project requirement.

METALESA_barandilla M003

Metal bridge fascias

A metal fascia for bridges is an element that finishes off the edge of the bridge deck, either to accommodate electricity, gas or water conduits or for cladding. This type of bridge equipment embellishes the bridge, not only providing functionality, but also elegance.

Cornices for bridges

Like fascias, cornices for bridges are a type of equipment for bridges that also reinforces the structure by providing greater rigidity, and allows housing to accommodate electricity, gas or water conduits. They are very common in France.

Crash cushions

Crash cushions are considered one of the most effective life-saving devices. They consist of a deformable structure that brakes the vehicle in the event of a crash, absorbing the impact, considerably reducing the serious consequences of the accident.

At Metalesa we have a wide variety of models, which is essential to place them in the correct position on the road so that they can fulfill their function. Each model is suitable to withstand different energy levels depending on the weight and type of vehicle and the impact speed. In addition, these are approved according to the UNE EN 1317-3 standard, which defines the test conditions for obtaining the CE marking.

This Christmas, we are going to accompany you on all your trips. We want to protect you and that your destiny is none other than to meet those you love so much. Our products on the roads save lives, but never let your guard down because Road Safety does not understand holidays. Protection is our goal!