Raising awareness about road safety is an issue that should interest everyone: drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and of course, older people and children, who in many occasions are not aware of the danger of certain situations. In this sense, it is important to educate our little ones in Road Safety, not to forget that places such as schools and playgrounds must adopt safety measures to avoid accidents.

As you well know, protection is our goal, and today’s article will refer to minimize the risks for children thanks to our security fences and handrails.

Safety fences for playgrounds

It is common for playgrounds to be located near roads, so it is necessary to extreme caution to protect children while they enjoy themselves, and at the same time, to increase the easiness of their parents.

When children playgrounds are sorrounded by road traffic areas, some solution based on fences should be adopted. In addition, these security fences prevent dogs or cats from entering the children’s enclosure, which if not supervised, can be dangerous for the little ones.

The correct installation of the safety fence for playgrounds is essential, otherwise it could become another element of risk.

Safety requirements for fences for playgrounds

Security fences are an active security element, hence they must meet certain requirements to be 100% effective:

  • Recommended minimum height of the fence 80 cm from ground level.
  • Make sure it does not have sharp or protruding elements.
  • Avoid shapes that can cause entrapment.
  • Any edge must be smooth, never sharp.
  • Fences must be installed at a minimum distance of 2 meters from the playground.

In addition to this, it is also important to ensure that the installation of the park fence is executed correctly. If the security fence is installed on sand or earth, it is recommended to anchor it on a concrete foundation, using anchor plates with holes.

Here there are some examples, but from Metalesa we take care of adjusting the needs and requirements of the project in a personalized way.

Security fences for schools

Unlike playgrounds, in schools parents are not present to watch over their children. Teachers are responsible for ensuring the safety of hundreds of children, but personalized surveillance is impossible, therefore, it is necessary to install security fences for schools.

The entire school should be sorrounded with fences, either short ones if little children or much higher for older. Each case must be studied personalized taking into account potential risks and students profile.

Now is the perfect time to remodel security fences in schools to face new school year in September.

Types of security fences for schools and playgrounds

At Metalesa we have a wide range of fences for schools and playgrounds. They all guarantee great durability, low maintenance and most importantly, they comply with all the safety guarantees for the little ones.


Metal fences

Our metal fences for schools can be of various kinds and shapes, and are specially designed to guarantee protection or close any type of enclosure, in this case school zones.

They delimit the space in an effective way, preventing children from leaving the premises during school hours.

Fences and enclosures

These types of fences are used to close those areas in which some type of security breach may occur. In this sense, they are not only used to prevent children from leaving school areas, but also to limit access to people outside the school, especially at night, guaranteeing both the protection of people and the facilities of the campus.

We have several models, but we can manufacture custom designs requested by our clients.

Steel railings

Steel fences for schools and playgrounds are other ideal containment system to ensure the safety of the little ones. They are easily installed and can be customized them in the color that is needed in order to integrate with the aesthetics of the area.

Stainless steel railings

The aesthetic finish of the stainless steel railings makes them ideal for any type of urban area, such as playgrounds. In our catalog we have available to our clients a wide variety of unique and attractive designs that adapt to all types of environment.

At Metalesa, we care about guaranteeing Road Safety in all senses, and without a doubt, children are one of the groups we pay the most attention to. In addition to designing, manufacturing and installing safety fences for playgrounds and schools, we also consider that it is essential to promote Road Safety education for the little ones, because in this way we will reduce the risk of serious events occurring in this type of enclosure.

If you want to ask us for a quote for the installation of security fences for schools and playgrounds, do not hesitate to contact us. Call us at 96 088 99 44 or send us an email to metalesa@metalesa.com.