Crash Cushion C80 D2300

A crash cushion is a protective device that absorbs the impact of vehicle collision. This means that its installation on roads can significantly reduce road traffic casualties. It is a device approved according to Standard UNE EN 1317 Part 3 that has obtained the CE marking.

Reference: 0746


Technical Information

System Characterization

  • ASI: A
  • Retention Category: -
  • Performance Level: 80
  • Redirection Zone: Z1
  • Lateral Displacement: D1
  • Weight (kg/m):

Geometric Characteristics

  • Height (mm): 770
  • Width (mm): 2300
  • Length (mm): 4850


  • Number of Posts (mm): 4
  • Roadway Alignment: DIVERGENT
  • Barrier-compatible connection:
  • Installation conditions: Ground anchoring

Active Road Safety for infrastructure

Capable of collecting data, analysing it and acting to improve the safety of road users.


SMART impact attenuator

All scenarios are configurable in terms of lighting method, signal colour and alert duration.

The attenuator is switched on manually with the signalling configuration created by the administrator.

The dimmer is switched on at the time slots that the administrator configures. In this way, the attenuator can be switched off in time slots with less traffic, and switched on during periods of high vehicle density or when a higher probability of incidents has been detected. The signalling is automatically activated and deactivated.

In the event of a collision with the attenuator, the attenuator sends a notification to the administration and the competent authorities to evaluate the alert received and act accordingly. In this way, the speed of action of the emergency services in the event of an accident with injuries or potential traffic problems is considerably reduced.

In an emergency, it has PLUG&META®

PLUG&META® technology, built into the impact attenuator, detects if you've had a serious collision with the car and notifies the emergency services when you can't.

Advanced hardware sensors and motion calibration recognise the signs of an accident.

PLUG&META® technology is behind the cutting-edge performance

Designed to make a difference.

PLUG&META® knows what's important and displays real-time alerts and activity.


Powered by PV panels


24/7 autonomous operation. Alarms in case of events or incidents.

Green energy

By means of a power supply system using photovoltaic panels and batteries, all the energy consumption is generated by the system itself from clean energy sources.
*There is a grid-connected option.

Adaptive consumption

Signalling and lighting on demand. The signalling is triggered only in the event of events for a limited time at the customer's discretion. Allows you to adapt consumption to your target carbon footprint.


PLUG&META® TRACETake it to the next level with Active Road Safety

Discover all the possibilities for remote management of SMART products

All the possibilities for remote management of SMART products

Sending notifications or faults

Management of personalisation preferences, monitoring of alarms and action in the event of faults.

Configuration of SMART product functionalities with access to statistics

Contracting the services best suited to the project

Open solution via API for integration with any management platform.

Installation options


Meet PLUG&META®, the Active Road Safety Solution for the infrastructure

Capable of collecting data, analysing it and acting to improve the safety of road users.


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