Acoustic booth panel

The acoustic panel is also used as soundproofing system for the construction of acoustic booths, enclosures and barriers on all types of machinery: cooling systems, power generators, and other sources of operational noise, such as pumps and motors.

These systems are made from standard galvanised sheet metal panels that form a housing with acoustic absorption on the inside.

The panels are arranged so that they attach to each other up to the required height.

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Technical Information

Acoustic Parameters

  • Absorption Class: -
  • Insulation Class: -
  • Absorption Rate (DLa): -
  • Airborne Sound Insulation Index (DLᵣ): -
  • Weighted Sound Reduction Index: -
  • Front/rear plate combination: -

Geometric Characteristics

  • Panel thickness (mm): VARIABLE
  • Front plate thickness (mm): -
  • Rear plate thickness (mm): -

Mechanical properties

  • Design Load (Kg/m²): -
  • Panel length (mm): VARIABLE
  • Panel Height (mm): VARIABLE

Panel Morphology

  • Material: STEEL
  • Is it absorbent for both sides?:
  • Assembly: SLIDING


  • Sound-absorbing panel. This consists of two sheets of galvanised steel fretwork, one with perforations (absorbent face) and the other plain (reflective face).
  • Rock wool. Rock wool with black protective facing is placed on the inside and between both sheets of steel.
  • Supporting structure. Consisting of HEA/UPN type struts with welded base plate, hot-dip galvanised and painted with polyester powder coating.


– Panel configuration provides maximum insulation and absorption.

Self-supporting panels, arranged to couple together.

– Thanks to its modular structure, it is a rapid installation panel.

– The panels dampen the noise that is characteristic of appliances.

High durability thanks to the quality of its components.

Powder coated in the different standard colours of the RAL chart.

Acoustic features

  • Level B3 and A4 insulation-absorbent acoustic panel. The acoustic properties of the sound-absorbing panels have been assessed in accordance with Standard EN1793, obtaining maximum acoustic absorption and insulation values.
  • The panel is compliant with CE marking requirements when tested by accredited laboratories.

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