Green facades against noise in large cities are an effective and sustainable alternative to the current lifestyle. Historically, nature has been introduced into urban environments through parks and green areas in delimited spaces. Over time this trend has been evolving, and more and more, the proposal aims at integrating nature and environmental awareness in our daily lives to develop a society that is as sustainable as possible.

What are green cities?

These cities are those that respect the environment to a greater extent and facilitate the coexistence of people with nature in their daily lives. Green cities seek to take advantage of natural resources, thus favoring friendly urban environments in such important aspects as green spaces, air quality, coexistence with animals or temperature regulation.

Large cities find it very difficult to adapt to this objective, which is why their authorities often seek disruptive solutions that attract sustainability without destroying everything that has already been built. One of the most effective solutions are vertical gardens. Flowers, aromatic plants and even urban gardens planted on walls that help clean the air and bring numerous benefits to people. Plants absorb CO2 from the air while producing oxygen, they have pleasant smells, they also regulate temperature and act as a layer against noise.

In cities like Singapore, always at the forefront of sustainability, or much closer, Vitoria-Gasteiz, named European Green Capital in 2012, we can find examples of this concept.


Our commitment to sustainability

At Metalesa we are committed to the environment and sustainability by providing innovative solutions, such as our screens against noise pollution. These screens are barriers specially designed to deal with the problem of noise pollution for both people and animals.

Today in particular, we focus on a solution for noise pollution that is also sustainable and provides great support for introducing vegetation into urban spaces.

Our Metagreen acoustic screens integrate nature into urban spaces in the style of vertical gardens. This product is in tune with the concepts of green cities and smart cities, since it provides the technology of acoustic screens against noise plus the benefits for the health of people and the environment with its natural cover of living vegetation.

Metagreen acoustic screens

The Metagreen sound-absorbing panel is made up of a hot-dip galvanized steel frame that fits between the fastening profiles of the support structure. Its interior is made up of rock wool and other materials that, together with the green plastic mesh, facilitate the growth of vegetation on both sides. In addition, they are sustainable, since the rock wool inside them is capable of retaining rainwater, which becomes a moisture reserve for the vegetation that grows outside.

Advantages of the Metagreen acoustic screen

Being a plant panel, it integrates magnificently with the landscape and blends in with the new model of green cities with vertical gardens. Among its most notable advantages it is important to highlight the natural properties of vertical gardens, such as the release of oxygen, as well as the absorption of CO2, temperature regulation and livening up of urban spaces, visually approaching natural spaces.

It also has numerous advantages such as its durability thanks to the galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, its excellent insulating and absorbing properties against noise pollution.


Plant-like sound-absorbing panels

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Where to install plant-based anti-noise screens?

One of the most common spaces where these screens are added is on roads, since their maintenance is minimal and simple. It is also very common to see them in urban, public and private areas, such as chalets or urbanizations due to their attractive plant aesthetics and their fantastic anti-noise properties. They perform a dual aesthetic and acoustic function.

How are Metagreen acoustic screens installed?

These screens are very easy to install, but it is convenient that any project is studied by our team of engineers to guarantee the expected acoustic result and the robustness of the solution.

Green cities are a great alternative to urban spaces far from nature. If you want more information about our Metagreen screens, or want to know our complete range of acoustic screens, contact us. We will be happy to help you.