META16 transition to flexible barrier

Transition is understood as the connection between two safety barriers of different cross-section or different lateral stiffness, which allows the variation of the containment capacity to be continuous.

The transition allows the connection between the META16 guardrail and a flexible barrier, ensuring an adequate transition of stiffness.
It is an approved device according to the French standard NF058 (MARQUE NF-EQUIPEMENTS DE LA ROUTE) following part of the regulatory scope established in UNE-CEN/TR 1317-10:2023.

The transition makes it possible to finish the META16 parapet on the structure itself without the need to extend it in the land area, ensuring the required level of containment outside and inside the structure, thus avoiding extensions to the planned civil works.

Reference: 5689
Availability: Consult


Technical Information

System Characterization

  • Containment Level: H2
  • Working Width Class: W4
  • Working Width (m): 1,3
  • Vehicle Intrusion Class: -
  • Vehicle Intrusion (m): -
  • Dynamic Deflection (m): -
  • ASI:
  • Tested Length (m): -
  • Weight (kg/m):

Geometric Characteristics

  • Height (mm): 1235
  • Distance Between Posts (mm): VARIABLE
  • Modulation (m): VARIABLE
  • Curb on Pavement (mm): 120


  • Is Suitable for existing structures:
  • Optional equipment: -
  • Installation conditions: Partially anchored to concrete and driven into the ground

Reference Projects

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