Metalesa Talents

In 2024 the Aula Metalesa was created, an institutional link with the School of Civil Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

In line with our commitment to disseminate road safety, the Aula Metalesa’s main lines of development are research and knowledge transfer, serving as a link between the university environment and the company.

An opportunity to promote academic growth, the stimulation of university talent and collaboration between the University and Metalesa.

The Metalesa Classroom promotes internship scholarships and awards for the Best Master’s Thesis and stimulates university talent while fostering close collaboration between the University and the Company.

The main lines of action are the promotion, training and research of aspects related to road safety and safe, connected and sustainable mobility.

Research and Scholarships

As part of this collaboration, Metalesa offers research scholarships to outstanding students, giving them the opportunity to participate in innovative projects and contribute to the advancement of the industry.


Our dedication to road safety goes beyond manufacturing quality products.

Through this collaboration, we encourage the transfer of knowledge among students, promoting the implementation of the latest technologies and innovative practices in the design and manufacture of road safety products, as well as the analysis of the regulations applicable in the sector.

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