We understand our commitment to safety as something global. Roads and railway areas are one of our most notable areas of action, and generally we show you everything we can do to guarantee the safety of people in these environments, but this does not mean that we forget other factors such as the environment , specifically the protection of birds, so necessary for the balance of our ecosystems. Through our anti-collision bird screens we do our bit to prevent their migratory flows and flight areas from interfering with road or rail traffic.

We protect the birds from the roads

The scientific journal Frontiers in Ecology and Environment recently published a study whose results estimate that around 194 million bird deaths occur on European roads each year. Without a doubt, these are alarming figures. For this reason, from Metalesa we offer our services for the design, manufacture and installation of anti-collision screens for birds, both on roads and in railway areas.

In many cases, the death of birds occurs either when they collide with glass structures on the roads – difficult to see due to their transparency – or when they hit high-speed trains. They are problems that require solutions.

Anti-collision bird screens are specially designed to be seen by birds, to prevent them from going down to the level of roads and train tracks, and thus prevent them from colliding. In this way, they act as a visual barrier.

In addition, although the main objective of this type of screens is the protection of birds against cars and trains, it is true that they help to preserve the safety of people, avoiding distractions and the ‘scares’ that can occur when crossing a bird.

Our Bird Collision Screens for roads

At Metalesa we have a wide variety of anti-collision bird screens for roads that are specially designed to fulfill their protective function.

All screens are custom designed based on the aesthetic and environmental needs of the environment. We have several models such as anti-collision bird screens made of corrugated or smooth sheets, opaque or transparent methacrylate, with straight or curved posters …

In addition, all our screens, in any of the models and finishes that we offer, undergo an effective anti-corrosion treatment to avoid wear caused by the passage of time and the adversities of the weather.

Their usual area of ​​installation are viaducts and bridges, where they usually cross embankments or ravines where the passage of birds is common. Our service includes all the structural calculation associated with its anchoring and foundations, as well as the wind load resistance studies typical of this type of elevated structures.

Being located on elevated structures, bird collision screens are often installed behind metal parapets of different levels of containment, for example META13 (metal parapet H2) or META16 (metal parapet H3).

Our Bird Collision Screens for railway areas

From Metalesa we carry out comprehensive projects in railway networks in order to guarantee the safety of passengers and fauna that may cross their routes. Equipment such as ADIF railings, ADIF vandal-proof fences, enclosures for stops and of course, anti-collision bird screens for railway areas.

In the same way in the case of roads, our service includes from the optimization and calculation of the structure, to the manufacture and installation of the screens, which can have different anti-corrosion treatments according to the client’s requirements.

Examples of this are these projects in sections of the AVE

As we have mentioned before, at Metalesa we try to offer road safety solutions at all levels, and the anti-collision bird screens are proof of this. For the design, manufacture and installation of anti-collision screens for birds, either on roads or in railway areas, do not hesitate to contact us.