Road Equipment

This slogan fills our DNA. We are constantly working to broaden and enhance our road safety solutions to prevent road accidents and reduce their harmful consequences.

“In Metalesa, we design, manufacture and install our own road safety products”

Road Equipment

All the products manufactured by Metalesa have been essayed with real crash tests complying with European regulations. Our equipment meets the all specifications required by the EN-1317 standard and the French NF-058 standard.

Bridge parapets and road safety barriers

Bridge parapets are vehicle containment systems that are installed on the edges of bridge decks, grade-separated crossings, supporting wall crowns, and similar works. They restrain and the impact of a vehicle that suffers a road exit and redirects it into the road again. There are several containment levels that should be defined according with the characteristics of each tram. We can provide N1, H2 and H3 with thousands of kilometres already installed all over the world.


Terminals for road barriers

Safety barriers must have a beginning and an end that do not pose a risk to road users. We market a wide range of energy terminals to connect to the ends of any type of safety barrier, always complying with current regulations.


Crash cushions

Standardized containment system designed to be installed protecting an obstacle against which a frontal impact may occur, for example, forks, toll accesses, the beginning of concrete parapets, etc. Our range of crush cushions have been approved according to Standard UNE EN 1317 and have obtained the CE marking.


Acoustic insulation for roads

Noise barriers reduce the sound impact generated by roads, highways and other infrastructures and that can be harmful to the health of people and fauna. The wide variety of acoustic screens that we can provide allow us to achieve to the requirements of each project.


Our certificates

Every year, the certification company AENOR analyses our quality management system and renews the certificate accrediting that we are in strict compliance with Standard EN ISO 9001:2015. Our clients are therefore guaranteed the exhaustive control of our management and production processes, and of the materials we use in manufacturing.

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Value-added solutions and services

Development, manufacture and installation of our products.

Engineering and calculations

METALESA provides a full engineering service through its the team of Civil Engineers, Technicians and Civil Engineering Experts in their different specialities.

Acoustic services

METALESA has integrated the main technical requirements of our clients into our services.


METALESA offers on-site installation using either in-house teams or specialist installation companies.

Powder coating

Metalesa has an automatic powder coating plant to give its parts a final surface treatment.

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