Acoustic Screens for Roads and Railways

Reducing the noise of roads and railway is essential in order to improve people’s quality of life. Aiming at reducing the acoustic impact these infrastructures in urban and inter-urban environments, acoustic screens, also named noise barriers, are an effective solution.

There are different types of noise barriers that we can install. Discover our full catalogue of acoustic solutions and request us a quote without obligation.


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Catalogue of acoustic solutions for roads

Customized Acoustic Screens

An innovative solution that surprises by its design


Noise Barriers and acoustic panels for roads

Our metallic range of acoustic screen for roads can be easily adapted to different wide of beams. This elegant and aesthetic solution provides a nice environment integration with a powder coating finishing with any colour of RAL.


Acoustic isolation for facades and tunnels

It minimizes noise pollution caused by environmental noise. Acoustic panels of 500mm wide can be linked one to each other to cover the required height of the facade or tunnel wall. Thanks to its modular structure, it is quick to install and highly durable.


Concrete acoustic screens

Manufactured according to the EN 1973 standard, the concrete acoustic panels can be adapted to the landscape and architectural constraints of each location due to their discreet appearance and the possibility of being painted in different colours.


Fauna crossing screen

Designed to be installed on overpasses to protect the passage of wildlife. Made with environmentally friendly materials.


Wooden acoustic screens

The METAWOOD sound-absorbing panel fits between the HEA/HEB support profiles with adjustable width. You can make different combinations to obtain different aesthetic effects.


Transparent acoustic screens

Acoustic methacrylate panels are built with a colourless or coloured sheet of variable dimensions. With aesthetics and varied designs the provide with an excellent landscape integration.

Are you looking for a customized solution? We design solutions that can be adapted to any place.

Value-added solutions and services

Development, manufacture and installation of our products.

Engineering and calculations

METALESA provides a full engineering service through its the team of Civil Engineers, Technicians and Civil Engineering Experts in their different specialities.

Acoustic services

METALESA has integrated the main technical requirements of our clients into our services.


METALESA offers on-site installation using either in-house teams or specialist installation companies.

Powder coating

Metalesa has an automatic powder coating plant to give its parts a final surface treatment.

Our certificates

Every year, the certification company AENOR analyses our quality management system and renews the certificate accrediting that we are in strict compliance with Standard EN ISO 9001:2015. Our clients are therefore guaranteed the exhaustive control of our management and production processes, and of the materials we use in manufacturing.

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