Today is a very important day for our planet. January 26th celebrates World Environment Education Day with the aim of raise people’s awareness of protecting nature.

Environment education is oriented to develop strategical models that pivot around sustainability. That’s why the environmental goal must be considered in any business strategy, and in Metalesa, we are well aware of this.

 Environment Education Goals

Awareness: promote society’s interest to the problems provoked by ignoring environmental care. Any little action counts.

Knowledge: Once this interest is developed, next step is to educate. ¿How can this be done? Something can always be done both at personal and collective point of view.

Actitudes: this means proactivity. Just saying is not enough, it’s time to take action!

Assesment capability: if we implement measures in environment’s favour, we need to measure its actual impact.

Take part: Encourage people to be part of the solution

In Metalesa, as experts in road safety, there is an environment problem against which we need to prioritize our actions: noise pollution. That’s why from our very beginning, we have worked to reduce this acoustic pollution coming from road and railway traffic.

What is noise pollution?

Noise pollution refers to noises or vibrations present in the environment that could eventually be harmful for people’s or any beings health.

Noise excess in a certain place can affect negatively, even if we don’t feel it.

What are noise consequences for health?

  • Audition loss or listen to beeps.
  • Psychological problems like anxiety, stress or aggressivity.
  • Physical problems like increase of arterial pressure, heart rhythm or breathing alterations.
  • Problems related with sleep and rest, that decrease attention and performance, both at work and school

How does noise pollution affect to animals and plants?

Noise pollution produces harmful effects to a number of species, affecting their health and behaviour of animal and plants, as well as their ecosystems

Some of these effects are:

  • Birds that depend on their ear to hunt are seriously affected by industrial noise.
  • Noise disturbs feeding and nursing patrons of some animals, which has been identified as a factor that contributes to certain species extinction.
  • Airplane noise and their sound waves have been identified as cause of decrease of reproduction success with a number of animals.
  • Military sonar and the “marine bubble” of petrol explorer boats have been responsible of the death of thousands of dolphins and whales.

In order to acoustically isolate infrastructures and machinery in industries, residential and commercial areas from people and environment, in Metalesa we manufacture and install a wide range of noise barriers.

 Range of noise barriers for acoustic pollution

Metallic noise barrier – steel or aluminium

These noise barriers consist of vertical superposed panels that can be adapted to high and wide project requirements. Its absorbing face present holes that allow noise waves to be absorbed by the rock wool in the interior of the panel. The other side is plain and performs as reflecting face.

Both acoustic and mechanical performance of the panels have been tested in accredited laboratories.

The advantages of this type of noise barriers are as follows: optimum isolation, aesthetics oriented to environment integration, easy instalment, thermo-lacquered…

World Environmental Education Day_road

Methacrylate noise barrier

These transparent screens for noise pollution present a wide variety of designs optimized for road and railway infrastructures, for hotels or residential areas that require noise attenuation.

The screen is formed by a of 15-20mm methacrylate panel held by a beam structure. All components are very easy to install.

Metallic noise barrier with mesh / Green panel

Apart from it tested acoustic performance, it’s especially designed to be integrated into the nature environment.

It consists of rock wool supported by green plastic mesh on both sides that facilitates the growth of plants.

noise pollution

Wooden noise barrier

Wooden screen against noise pollution are perfect to satisfy aesthetic requirements in our roads. The absorbing face is formed by wild pine slats.

Wall covering

Manufactured from hot-dip galvanized panels, it is used to reduce noise effects in the interior and exterior of tunnels, as well as in inferior passes.

Its structure is very easy to install and repair in case of accident inside the tunnels.

Because the World Environment Education Day should not only be celebrated one day! Let’s become aware, our planet asks for it. Should you require our services around noise barriers, don’t hesitate to contact us.