In the 21st century, our cities are immersed in such a process of technological development, that it is not unreasonable to say that we are already living in what the cities of the future will be. Smart Cities are committed to innovation as a force for change, its aspiration lies in improving the quality of life of its citizens and making a more efficient and sustainable consumption of resources

At Metalesa we have been researching for a long time to develop products and services that have SMART technology, hence we have several projects underway to lead the future market for the ‘smart transformation’ of transport infrastructures.

What are the features of a Smart City?

  • Collaboration: Not only companies have a voice in Smart Cities, it is about creating collaboration synergies between companies, municipalities, citizens … we can all contribute to improve the sustainability of our cities!
  • Planning: In a Smart City, decisions must have a reason. What is it missing in my city that would make life easier for people? When facing an opportunity, technological and innovation tools available in the market are analysed to develop product or service.
  • Creativity: Technology, innovation and creativity go hand in hand. This combination allows us to create solutions that make a difference from what has previously been used.
  • Sustainability: It is one of the fundamental legs of Smart Cities. Each contribution to our city must seek for sustainability in the environmental field. The road to Smart Cities is a positive evolution in every way!

In this way, it is not only about innovating, but also a sustainable city must set the objective of achieving efficiency and sustainability through people and technology.

Some conditions to become Smart City

  • To have a social, environmental and economic development based on sustainability criteria.
  • Carry out good management of natural resources.
  • Citizens are committed to the values ​​that characterize a Smart City.
  • Urban infrastructure and equipment are equipped with technology to provide public services that make life easier for citizens.

At Metalesa we create Smart Cities

Not only we create them, but we also believe in them. From our very beginnings, our vision and the values ​​that have characterized us have always prioritized being a leading company, and therefore we are currently very aware of the great opportunities that cities offer us at the level of innovation.

For this reason, all throughout our history we have been able to contribute with our experience to those cities that have needed our services. For example, all our processes are carried out under the philosophy of Industry 4.0, use of technology in all operations of our company.

Our modern containment systems are designed to be incorporated into the future ecosystem of a Smart City, always starting from the basics, guaranteeing road safety. Summing up, the benefits of living in a Smart City are numerous, as they are fuelled by improvements in information and communication technologies which exponentially increase their effectiveness in its service to the citizens. Are you betting on a smart city? Contact us and we will show you all the possibilities we offer in technology, innovation and creativity for urban environment.

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