In April 2019, METALESA completed work on the  Cañaveral-Alcántara Reservoir section of the construction project of the Madrid-Extremadura high-speed line between Tayuela and Cáceres.

This section includes a 1,488 metre long viaduct on the river Tagus, with a signature 324 metre central arch span. At the same time, two bridges have been projected, 162 metres on the Regato de Cuervo and on the 114 metres on the Roman road Vía de la Plata.

METALESA has been responsible for manufacturing and installing all the metal equipment for this section, specifically more than 3,000 metres of bird protection screens, 636 metres of ADIF railings, 226 metres of ADIF vandal-proof fencing and 180 metres of our META16 parapet with H3 containment level for overpasses.

With this project, METALESA further consolidates its position as a leading company in the roll out of the national high-speed network, in which it has been actively involved for many years, through many recent projects in the Basque Y and the Madrid-Galicia line.