Since our origins at Metalesa we have always been concerned about safety. Whether in urban environments or roads we have always worked to offer the best products with which to keep pedestrians and vehicles safe. But our scope of action does not stop there, we also have extensive experience in railway equipment products, and on this we would like to focus today’s article so that you know a little more about everything we can do for your railway project.

Products and regulations on railway safety

Like any product, there is a railway safety regulation that must be complied. In railway equipment, this corresponds mainly to the infrastructure managers (ADIF in Spain or SNCF in France). At Metalesa we have been working for many years on the deployment of the high-speed rail network in Spain, collaborating with the main companies in the sector and offering products that meet the highest quality standards.

Railings and fences type ADIF

In order to guarantee safety at the crossing points in railway infrastructures operated by ADIF, at Metalesa we have a complete range of specialized security systems that comply with the quality standards set by the network administrator.

With our range of ADIF-type railings and fences we can create a complete protection system for pedestrians on bridges, viaducts or other passage areas within railway infrastructures. When a project of these characteristics is presented to us, we carry out a study of the needs of the layout and manufacture any element that may be required.

Different anticorrosive treatments can be applied to our entire range of railings and fences. Depending on the characteristics of the project and client specifications, we can apply either a hot galvanized finish, or a thermo-lacquered finish or even a mixed application for more aggressive environments.

Railings and handrails for stations

At Metalesa we manufacture railings for stations with various shapes and materials to guarantee the safety of passengers, while adapting the product to the aesthetics of the place. We can manufacture them with various materials. Steel is the usual one, and under client requirement, the product can receive anti-corrosion treatments like hot-dip galvanization or thermo-lacquering to guarantee their resistance to deterioration caused by the weather and time.

We also manufacture stainless steel railings of different quality and with a wide variety of finishes, always adapting to the needs and aesthetics of the railway station.


Fences and station enclosures

Train, subway or tram stations need enclosure and fences systems that are resistant to high volume of traffic while complying with current regulations.

Regarding security systems to offer protection to people in areas close to stations or railway facilities, we have a wide variety of station enclosures and fences that we can manufacture to order to be able to solve and adapt to the requirements of the project.

The enclosure systems for railway stations are products that are often subject to inclement weather. That is why at Metalesa we work to offer different anti-corrosion treatments such as hot galvanizing, thermo-lacquering or a mixed finish that offer a layer of protection against superior humidity and oxidation.



Handrail and grilles for walkways

Another of the safety systems that are installed in railway tunnels are handrails and grilles for walkways. These elements are intended to provide safety for pedestrians inside a tunnel. Our extensive experience in the tunnels of the suburban and high-speed rail network allows us to offer a customized product manufactured according to the materials and criteria that best suit the project.

When facing a new project, our technical office will carry out a needs study and present you with a proposal that meets your needs.


Industría 4.0 y seguridad vial

Catenary protectors

To protect the catenaries from objects launched from overpasses, we can offer catenary protectors. They can be designed and manufactured according to the specifications of each project. We have extensive experience manufacturing this type of product with different shapes and finishes.



If you are thinking about a new project and you need a supplier of railway safety equipment, at Metalesa we are ready to give you a solution to these challenges and we will be happy to help you. For more information you can contact our technical office through the contact form, by calling 96 088 99 44 or 677 43 34 93 or by sending an email to