METALESA has contributed to improving the safety of the new road that runs parallel to the current CV-611 through the municipal areas of Benigànim, Quatretonda and La Pobla del Duc.

The company took part in this project reconciling one of its main objectives: improving road traffic safety by installing 420m of META13 metal parapets (H2 containment level, a great option among metal parapets), on two bridges of similar characteristics on the Torrella and Forcall ravines with total lengths of 110 and 100 metres respectively. This solved the problem of accessibility and functionality and at the same time provided a greater level of comfort, avoiding dangerous bends for drivers, improving plan and elevation, and reducing travel time.Metal parapets at METALESA

Another goal was to increase the cross section of the road bed, which facilitates vehicle traffic, and improves the bearing capacity of the road, to achieve a more comfortable journey. It also sought to improve signalling and beacons, longitudinal and transverse drainage infrastructure and its integration into the landscape of the environment.

The work covered the section of 3,179 metres from the existing roundabout on the outskirts of the centre of Benigànim, at PK 4+250, to the roundabout that intersects the CV-611 of the railway station road.

The road has two lanes, one for each direction, a width of 3.5 metres, 1.5 metre hard shoulders on both sides, berms of 0.5 metres and traditional or safety ditches on the side of the clearing.

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