Does the noise of your neighbors or the noise of the cars passing by your street annoy you? Is there a leisure area or an industry near your home? Your home should be a place of peace and tranquility, but not rarely there are annoying noises that deprive us of it, especially in villas or urbanizations. Our concern to improve people’s quality of life has led us to develop a range of acoustic screens with the goal of making life more comfortable.

Acoustic Insulation for chalets

We use acoustic screens/barriers for villas and urbanizations in order to attenuate the noise that comes from outside. To install them, we take into account the following factors:

Acoustic Barrier height

Acoustic screen/barrier for chalets are usually over two meters high because the screen must be higher than the source that produces the noise, be it cars or the bustle of people in your residential area. In any case, the optimal solution will be defined after carrying out an acoustic study that identifies its intensity by zones with a noise map. As a secondary aspect, the higher, the greater visual screen to guarantee privacy.

Composition of the acoustic screen

At Metalesa we design, manufacture and install different types of acoustic screens/barriers for chalets made of different materials. All of them serve to attenuate noise, but it is true that, depending on the situation, the environment, the architecture of the house or other factors, some will be more suitable than others. Later we will show you the types of acoustic screens for chalets that we manufacture in Metalesa, with special emphasis on Metagreen acoustic screens, also known as vegetal panels.

Ease to install

Acoustic screens for chalets or single-family homes should be located as close as possible to the source of the noise so that they can block out sound waves. We have different compositions in our catalog, but in general, they all contain a sound-absorbing material inside that captures the sound waves and makes them bounce inside until they disappear.

Our screens have a modular design that makes them very easy to place, even by the customer himself. Our offer includes assembly if the client so requests, but the client could carry out the installation himself.

Metagreen Acoustic Barrier: a great option

Metagreen acoustic screens for chalets, or green panels, are metallic anti-noise screens that are perfect to be placed in this type of residential area, performing a double acoustic and aesthetic function, thanks to their green appearance that adapts to all types of homes.

The interior of the Metagreen acoustic panel is identical to other models of screens, with rock wool inside to absorb noise. But on the side facing the house, a green plastic mesh is placed facilitating the growth of vegetation and making a more nature-like environment. This solution can also be implemented on the exterior face facing the street. Without a doubt, it is one of the best options when it comes to reducing noise in urbanizations.

From a regulatory point of view, like all the products manufactured and marketed by Metalesa, acoustic panels for chalets are tested based on current regulations. In this case, they have been acoustically tested according to the UNE EN 1793 standard and mechanically according to the EN 1794 standard. The latter guarantees that the noise reducing elements withstand wind loads in a robust way.

The Metagreen panel has numerous advantages, which we can specify in the following:

  • Ecological and natural appearance.
  • Excellent insulating and absorbent acoustic effect.
  • Presents a long durability when going through an anticorrosion galvanized treatment.
  • Panels made with recyclable and sustainable materials
  • Ease of installation as it is a panel only 0.5 cm wide, which facilitates its handling. It is a lightweight construction that provides great acoustic insulation.

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Other Acoustic barriers/ screens


Methacrylate acoustic screen for chalets

This type of insulating panel is made up of a polymethacrylate sheet with a thickness of 15 or 22 millimeters, and a bearing structure made up of HEA / HEB posts with a welded base plate, hot-dip galvanized, and painted with polyester powder paint.

They can be transparent or colored, your choice will depend on what best suits the style of your home. In addition, they are also easy to install, have long durability and provide optimal insulation.



Wooden acoustic screen for chalets

Like the Metagreen screen, the wooden acoustic barrier also provides a touch of ‘nature’, in addition, there is the possibility of making different combinations with vertical and horizontal boards, achieving different aesthetic effects.

The acoustic insulation is achieved thanks to the rock wool incorporated inside, with a black veil covering that protects the rock wool from inclement weather.



Design Acoustic Screen for chalets

Functionality does not have to be at odds with aesthetics, and the design acoustic barrier for chalets is proof of this. We design screens according to the needs of our clients and what we see the market demand, so that there are multiple possibilities.

barrera acustica de diseño

Without a doubt, installing an acoustic screen in your chalet is a totally wise decision if what you are looking for is to isolate yourself from noise. On the one hand, you will be able to enjoy being calm in your house, oblivious to what happens outside and, on the other hand, you will achieve aesthetics and privacy. Also, if you decide to install the Metagreen acoustic screen, you will soon have a garden surrounded by greenery! An ideal home free from annoying noise.

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