Our priority,sustainable mobility.

With our containment systems and acoustic solutions, Metalesa is an expert in protection and safety. We are currently researching and developing new solutions to partner in the construction of Smart Roads. Our PLUG&META® technology convert any road safety product into active systems that bring a multitude of benefits to mobility management

Aesthetics that match its excellent performance

It works hand-in-hand with you signalling the road

It warns you if you get lost

The Metaurban® SMART urban barrier is a protection system to safeguard the most vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers of personal mobility vehicles (PMV) that, among its components, includes systems capable of:

Measure certain physical factors such as temperature, the proximity of objects, acceleration and ambient light levels.

It can also behave with the environment and turn on different colour lights to signal and even communicate with other urban or traffic management elements.

Innovation achieves its goal

New sensor.New data.

Metaurban® SMART incorporates a very innovative sensor that can measure data in real time. This urban barrier is more than just an aesthetic protection system, it is also concerned with safety both day and night.

Focus on the important

The LEDs developed by Metalesa [THINK] project light onto the road. Advanced algorithms then calibrate the features required.

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Metaurban® SMART opens a new mobility concept where sustainability and people’s safety are the most important. Thanks to the mobile data connection, information can be reported to control centres to improve the safety of our roads and cities.

Suitable for extreme situations.

The Metaurban® SMART sensors and LED lights have been developed and tested for installations in extreme environments, both in terms of temperature and humidity.

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