In December 2018, METALESA concluded the installation of 800 metres of urban parapet for the Bulevar Sur underpass in front of La Fe. Its objective is to prevent cars crossing the median strip and ending up in the opposite direction, which causes many of the serious accidents that occur at that point.

This median strip is part of the short-term actions to improve road traffic safety, part of ‘Improving the urban road network and calming city traffic’ strategic approach of the City’s Road Safety Master Plan. The Road Safety Master Plan for 2018-2023 is the first prepared by the Valencia City Council and in line with the European Commission’s objective to cut the total number of fatalities on European Union roads in half by 2020 and following the principles of ‘Vision Zero’, a multinational road safety project that seeks traffic systems without deaths or serious injuries.

Learn more about the project in this news article published in Las Provincias (in Spanish).