Today is International Noise Awareness Day, a day to contribute in making our society understand the importance of reducing noise for our health and the environment.

Noise is usually defined as «Inarticulate sound, generally unpleasant». Today we live with noise everywhere due to the noise pollution produced, among others, by vehicles. The noise pollution to which we are exposed in our day to day life can cause serious consequences such as hearing loss, sleep disorders or cardiovascular diseases. Cities are taking more and more measures against these annoying sound, however, there is much work ahead, and other facilities such as airports, sports stadiums or auditoriums also need solutions to isolate noise

To reduce noise in urban spaces, we have a wide range of products that will combine with each space according to its style. Acoustic screens are an efficient and aesthetic solution that can be used in any of the cases.

Metagreen acoustic screens

These screens are our most sustainable acoustic screens and not only they perform their job against noise, but they also contribute to sustainability thanks to their built-in vegetation and the use of recyclable materials in their manufacture. Vertical Garden Concept.

These are screens made up of an interior of rock wool as the main material to absorb external noise and an exterior of micro-perforated plastic mesh thanks to which vertical vegetation will grow.

These screens offer an ecological and natural appearance, perfect to be installed in urbanizations and private areas where they will give the appearance of a vertical garden. Its galvanized treatment offers a long durability of these screens that insulate and absorb noise magnificently.

Methacrylate acoustic screens

Acoustic methacrylate acoustic screens are ideal for not losing light and ensure a visual sensation of spaciousness. It is an insulating panel that consists of a polymethacrylate sheet in a structure made up of synthetic rubber gaskets.

The methacrylate panel configuration achieves maximum insulation. It integrates with the landscape thanks to its transparency and/or colors. These screens can be combined in the personalized model with other materials, achieving a product that completely adapts to the aesthetics of your city.

Metawood acoustic screens

Wood also offers a touch of nature like Metagreen screens, but they can also be combined between wood vertically and horizontally to achieve different aesthetic effects.

Metawood screens have rock wool to isolate sound as well as a black protective veil that protects the panels from erosion and moisture.

Wood acoustic screens provide excellent insulation and maximum absorption. Its wooden aesthetic integrates perfectly with the landscape and the treatments they require are respectful of the environment.

Concrete acoustic screens

It is made up of a double layer of reinforced concrete structure and sound-absorbing porous concrete. These concrete acoustic panels can be the color of the concrete or painted smooth or with decoration.

It has good acoustic absorption. Isolates sound excellently. It is a very durable structure with low environmental impact, recyclable and without waste.

Customized acoustic screens

We can also create personalized noise barriers by combining different panel models, being able to design acoustic screens completely to the client’s taste and adapted to the needs of each space.

It must be taken into account that the product that really performs the absorbent function is the rock wool housed inside, so the exterior can be designed to fit aesthetically with the space without affecting its properties.

These solutions that we describe for urban areas are applicable to isolate traffic noise on highways, where the installation of steel or aluminum acoustic screens is more common.

Steel or aluminum acoustic screens

Both the steel and aluminum acoustic screens are made up of a noise-absorbing layer, an inner layer of rock wool that isolates this noise, and the reflective layer so that the remaining noise does not pass through, but bounces back. Finally, to guarantee this acoustic performance, these panels are closed with polypropylene side covers.

They are a fantastic option for their insulation and absorption capabilities. In addition, they integrate with the environment thanks to their various designs and available combinations. Being a modular structure they are light and easy to install. They are also resistant to wind loads and rail traffic overpressure, a performance accredited in laboratory tests.

Acoustic screens can be temporary or fixed and the installation varies according to type. Among all the solutions that we offer in Metalesa, a previous acoustic study will always be assessed to guarantee the best solution against noise that adapts to the needs of the space. You can compare our screens in the product comparator or contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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