At Metalesa we are well aware of our great responsibility since looking after people security is our goal. Thus we keep a close eye to all technological updates and breakthroughs that may bring benefits to our sector. Industry 4.0 is a wave that need to be taken.

What is industry 4.0?

This concept is not new, and indeed it is becoming global social phenomenon. It refers to the addition of digital technology to all manufacturing processes to an extend that it is considered the fourth industry revolution. Now, a little bit of history.

4.0 industry


By the end of XVIIIth century, steam machine burst meant the beginning of the First Industrial Revolution. No doubt road safety sector faced new challenges with railway mechanization. But lot was lacking yet until today’s situation, this was only the launch of the industrialization.


Second Industrial Revolution started around 1870. New energy sources like gas, petrol and electricity drove a great acceleration in all senses. Furthermore, it opened doors to internationalization.


2006 is commonly considered as the beginning of the third phase of industrial growth. At that time, industry was pushed to the need of more renewable energy sources, which led to the will of directing all efforts to more sustainable objectives. TICs and automation played a key role.


No matter third revolution as starting to be protagonist, it was with fourth revolution when all capabilities started to bring together synergies. It is considered to be started around 2011 and the truth is that since then, technology has been pushing forward industry operations to a new level.

How does Industry 4.0 impacts on road safety?

The technology transformation power is unquestionable. It allows to simplify, accelerate and optimize all industrial processes, that’s why any road safety company that has not embraced yet this digital transformation will be left behind. This is not Metalesa’s case.

Our infrastructures

We have strategically adopted Industry 4.0 in all areas of our business: from employee security to communications or manufacturing digital software .

Bridge barriers and cornices

Contention systems that have been tested with real crash essays. Furthermore, its materials are exposed to anticorrosive treatments.

Regarding cornices, in Metalesa we innovate each day with designs that allow to host either canalizations with water, gas, electricity or telecommunication supplies.

4.0 industry

Noise barriers and panels

We manufacture noise barriers of a number of different materials, from steel, aluminium or methacrylate to fight noise pollution to bird anti-collision, to even some “vegetable” that can be integrated in an environmental friendly way. In Metalesa we provide the most suitable option for any project or need; security, noise isolation and aesthetics can go hand-in-hand.

Handrails and Fences

These handrails can be installed either in railway infrastructures or over bridges and viaducts. Hence, we adapt to any type of structure and with a wide variety of materials. Following high quality standards, our handrails are exposed to anticorrosive treatments with three possible finishes: hot-dip galvanized, thermo-lacquered or both combined at the same time.

Our engineers optimize anchoring systems with breaking-edge calculation technology so that best results are achieved in handrail installation and performance.

Of course, looking after the people in charge of our processes and equipment is one of our priorities. We have always extrapolated our concern for road safety to our people’s security,

Equipment for railway and tunnel infrastructures

Spanish railway network has been counting on Metalesa’s products and experience for a lot of years. We provide wide experience in manufacturing, supplying and installing metallic equipment for overpasses like ADIF and SNCF fences or handrails, fences for train stations or stopping places, protection for electric cables, or combined systems.

4.0 industry

Technology is all around our manufacturing and installing processes, and believe in its advantages. Our vision inspires us to keep on implementing our technological capabilities to be at the front line of industry 4.0. Staying behind is not an option for Metalesa when it comes to innovation.

Should you require our services, don’t hesitate to contact us, all road and urban infrastructures are possible with Metalesa.