Are you staying in a house in a small town on the coast or in the mountains? Do you enjoy views of the sea or nature? If the answer is yes, we can imagine the sensations that have come to mind: calm, disconnection, well-being, happiness … However, sometimes there are external factors that interrupt this atmosphere of tranquility, such as noise from cars traveling in nearby areas.

It is a shame that the noise pollution caused by traffic interrupts your state of serenity, because excess noise is not only annoying, but is also harmful to health, especially in the face of constant exposure to high noise levels.

At Metalesa we ensure the protection of people, and therefore in this article we bring you the solution to end the noise of cars without giving up wonderful views.

Soundscape and noise pollution

The term ‘noise pollution’ is likely to be much more familiar to you than ‘soundscape’, so let’s start by explaining the latter.

What is the soundscape?

The Soundscape refers to the set of characteristic sounds of a certain place. That said, there are several types of soundscapes:

  • Natural soundscapes: are those that are produced due to the sound of animals, vegetation moving with the wind, sea waves, raindrops …

  • Artificial soundscapes: are those produced by human activities, the use of machinery, traffic …

In general, natural soundscapes are positive, since they generate a type of noise that is neither annoying nor harmful to humans. However, man-made soundscapes are often the cause of noise pollution, and what is even more serious, noise pollution can eventually take over natural soundscapes.

Given this fact, from Metalesa we recommend installing acoustic screens to eliminate excess noise, and thus restore the natural state of the area in which your home is located.


Acoustic screens to absorb noise

Acoustic screens are made up of panels capable of absorbing or attenuating excess noise. At Metalesa, one of our star products is precisely acoustic screens, which is why we have a wide variety of types and models of acoustic panels.

With the installation of acoustic screens you will be able to live peacefully at home without the annoying noise due to traffic interrupting your tranquility. That said, if what we want is to maintain the views, not all acoustic screens will work for us. Our recommendation is the methacrylate acoustic screen thanks to its transparent panel.

Methacrylate acoustic screen to maintain views

The methacrylate acoustic screens are made of polymethacrylate sheets, and can be colored or colorless, although as a general rule if we want to enjoy the views we will opt for the colorless ones; they can also incorporate different vinyl models. In any case, we always adapt to the needs of each client.

Its height and separation dimensions are calculated based on an acoustic study, the terrain and the action of the wind in the area. Likewise, the acoustic panels can be adapted to different widths of beam profiles.

More advantages of methacrylate acoustic screens

The methacrylate acoustic panels fulfill a double acoustic and aesthetic function, as they guarantee noise absorption while integrating perfectly into the landscape, allowing tenants to enjoy the views around them.

  • The methacrylate acoustic screen is easy to install.
  • There is the possibility of choosing between various designs of acoustic panels, which give rise to different combinations resulting in mixed shielding.
  • Methacrylate acoustic screens are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as the action of wind or rain.
  • If the customer needs colored acoustic panels, it is possible thanks to the galvanized and thermo-lacquered components of the acoustic panels, in different standard colors from the RAL chart.
  • All our acoustic screens, including the methacrylate acoustic screen, have been mechanically tested according to the EN 1794-1 standard.

The methacrylate acoustic screens are the perfect solution to guarantee your well-being in your home, while you have the pleasure of enjoying the landscape that surrounds you. Be it the beach, nature, beautiful views in urban areas … We all deserve to live in a soundscape in which we can feel comfortable. If you want to end the noise in your house, do not hesitate to contact us by calling 96 088 99 44 or sending an email to