All cities, large or small, have one thing in common: their love for sports. Some of them are capable of hosting many facilities, while some others hardly have a sports hall which they know how to get the most out of. A football, basketball, handball or any other sport team can be something iconic for a city, which is partly due to the sports complex where they train and compete in regional, national and international championships. For this reason, it is becoming more important that sports complexes stand out for their structure and design, and thus generate pride and identification among the population.

As you know, since our very beginning, at Metalesa we have dedicated ourselves to ensure the safety and quality of life of what matters most to us: people. Our products are aimed at both road and urban safety and noise reduction. Therefore, we can get in charge that the sports complex of the clubs of a city have the space they deserve.

How do we help?

We reform and modernize sports complexes with the integration of acoustic screens on its façade. This includes:

  • Previous acoustic studies to define parameters to be achieved
  • Aesthetics are important. New screens will provide the facilities a facelift that will not go unnoticed: a quality material, striking colours… sports complexes cannot be left behind in our efforts to modernize cities according to our philosophy of creating Smart Cities.
  • Noise pollution. Sports complexes are usually a big source of noise, usually generated by a passionate public. In addition, many facilities are also used as concert halls. To handle such challenges, our acoustic screens will be a success to guarantee the rest of the close neighbourhood and comply with the regulations on noise pollution in urban environments.

Acoustic Studies

Any project of such scope must be preceded by an acoustic study according to regulations in force. By using advance technologies, we will get as a result the parameters to be achieved, which will act as input requirements to the optimized constructive solution that must meet them. At Metalesa we have extensive experience in conducting these acoustic studies.

What characterize our acoustic screens to be integrated into sport complexes facades?

Minimizing the noise of sports complexes is possible thanks to the characteristics of our acoustic screens made with sound-absorbing panels:


  • Absorbent face oriented to the noise focus: absorbent face is multi-perforated. These perforations make it possible for sound waves to penetrate the panel and dissipate in the absorbent material located inside, thus minimizing noise.
  • Acoustic insulation: as an absorbent material, rock wool of different thicknesses and densities is used depending on the acoustic characteristics that must be met. The rock wool is integrated into the interior of the panels, so that a reduction in the sound level is achieved.
  • Reflective face: The reflective face leaves a space with the rock wool, generating an acoustic chamber, so that the sound waves are reflected back into the absorbent material.
  • Supporting structure: consisting of HEA / HEB type uprights with hot-galvanized welded base plate and thermo lacquered with polyester powder paint. In any case, the supporting structure solution will be adapted to address the particularities and limitations of each project.

Like all our products, metal acoustic screens have been tested under rigorous evaluations to guarantee their acoustic and mechanical behaviour. This evaluation is based on the EN 1793-1 standard, which allows us to obtain the maximum sound absorption and insulation values ​​for the screens we install. Our team of expert engineers and calculators manage all the factors necessary to make the installation of the screens a complete success.

Sport complexes reformed by METALESA

At Metalesa, our commitment to sport is latent. Did you know that we are official sponsors of Atlético Baleares? In addition, we have transformed their football stadium in Mallorca. Here we leave you some photos!