With the arrival of summer, beach areas fill with tourists and residents eager to enjoy the sun and sea. Seaside promenades become activity hubs, hosting cyclists, pedestrians, and users of personal mobility vehicles (PMVs). However, the increase in users during this season highlights the urgent need to modernize and update road infrastructure.

In many seaside promenades, the separation between the road and pedestrian areas is insufficient, creating hazardous situations that could be avoided with proper planning and the delineation of these dangerous zones.

Bicycle Lane in Sa Rápita, where a teenager died in 2018 after being hit by a car

Today, the presence of cyclists, pedestrians, electric scooters, and other PMVs has grown exponentially.

These vulnerable users share spaces with motor vehicles, increasing the risk of traffic accidents. In many places, the road and seaside promenades are at the same level and lack effective barriers to contain vehicles in the event of a road departure accident.

This lack of separation can lead to dangerous situations, such as a vehicle leaving the road and invading the pedestrian area, potentially causing injuries or even fatalities. The absence of steel parapets or other suitable physical barriers significantly increases the risk of accidents in these crowded areas.

Seaside Promenade in Jávea next to Avenida del Mediterráneo, where there is no separation between the pedestrian, cyclist, and road areas

An effective solution to improve safety on seaside promenades is the installation of certified Steel parapets that ensure the safety of both drivers and vulnerable users.

Our Metaurban steel parapet, with an N1-H1 containment level and CE marking, provides protection in these busy areas. The Metaurban® steel parapet is a vehicle containment system specifically designed for installation on urban or peri-urban roads, making it ideal for these types of roads. It is a certified device according to European standard EN 1317 parts 1 and 2, and with compliance with part 5 regarding production control, it has obtained CE marking.

The Metaurban steel parapet provides robust physical separation between the road and areas designated for cyclists and pedestrians. The Metaurban structure is designed to absorb impacts and deflect vehicles away from pedestrian and cyclist areas, significantly reducing the risk of traffic accidents. Implementing these steel parapets not only improves safety but also offers a sense of protection and peace of mind to all users of the seaside promenade.

Installation of the Metaurban steel parapet in Villar del Arzobispo to separate the road from the pedestrian area

Smart solutions for the seaside promenades of the future: a step beyond in terms of road safety.

Preventing accidents is key when planning road safety for the summer season. As mentioned earlier, separating bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths from roads is effective and convenient, but it is even more crucial to prevent these potential accidents through risk detection and signaling to users.

In addition to traditional steel parapets, smart solutions like PLUG&META® are revolutionizing road safety as we know it.

This advanced system incorporates technology that detects and alerts in real-time about potential risks and informs authorities in the event of a serious incident. Thanks to its network of sensors and cameras, it can identify risks such as the presence of pedestrians and cyclists, approaching vehicles at high speed, or situations that may lead to traffic accidents.

Continuous monitoring and immediate response capabilities allow for accident prevention and improved safety on seaside promenades. This enables administrations and municipalities to make mobility decisions based on real data from their roads.

The technology can be applied to any new or existing road element, allowing it to be combined with the Metaurban steel parapet to create the perfect solution for beach areas and seaside promenades.

The PLUG&META® technology integrated into road equipment provides Active Road Safety to infrastructure

This summer, it is essential to enjoy outdoor activities safely. The protection of cyclists, pedestrians, and PMV users on seaside promenades should be a priority. Local councils and administrations have the responsibility to implement effective solutions, such as Metaurban steel parapets and active road safety technologies like PLUG&META®, to prevent accidents and ensure everyone’s safety.

By taking these measures, we can create safer and more enjoyable environments to enjoy the summer. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and with adequate infrastructure, we can protect tourists and residents, ensuring that our seaside promenades are safe and welcoming spaces for all.