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Protection is our goal, that has always been our motto and the purpose for which we work. This translates into offering the best protection systems to society, whether in our immediate environment, or in the countries where we market our products.

In today's post we will specifically talk about our range of handrails, intended for various functions, from pedestrian protection, limiting passage areas in railway infrastructures, to install on bridges and viaducts acting as a barrier to avoid unwanted falls, supports in stairs, and many others.

Guardrail types

Barandillas de acero Steel railings

Steel railings are pedestrian restraint systems, which are installed in urban areas, railways, or on highway bridges. It is important to note that they are not designed or tested to contain vehicles, for that are the META13 and META16 metal parapets.

The steel railings are easy to install and, if the client so requires, they can be integrated with the landscape thanks to the wide variety of models, finishes and thermo-lacquered colours that we offer in our catalogue.

In our catalogue, you can find a wide variety of models that we manufacture as standard and of which we usually have stock.

Stainless steel railings

Stainless steel railings are also used to ensure safety in areas where people pass by in infrastructures, for example, in train or metro stations. But their aesthetic appearance makes them very appropriate for any type of urban area or for private facilities such as industries or shopping centers.

Although the most common railings consist of handrails, cross bars and vertical posts, we have at our customers' disposal a wide variety of models with very attractive unique designs for all types of environments. In any case, we are always open to making custom designs to order if the client so requires.

Stainless steel railings stand out for providing a modern look in any environment and, furthermore, one of their great advantages is their durability and the almost absence of maintenance and cleaning.

Railings with steel cable

Without a doubt, the railing with steel cable is an elegant option. The steel cables give a modern touch to the environment, increase visibility through the railing itself and facilitate its integration in any place given its minimalist profile.

Railings with perforated sheet

In the same way as metal railings with steel cable, railings with perforated sheet metal also present a very attractive appearance for installation in cities, since they can be manufactured with any perforated design in the material. Depending on the type of perforation, you can create a design that provides safety to the pedestrian without sacrificing aesthetics in streets and railway areas.

Anti-Corrosion treatment in our Railings

At Metalesa, all the railings that we design and manufacture follow current regulations and the highest quality standards. Since they are products destined to remain mainly in the open, being victims of the adversities of the climate and the passage of time, all our railings are subjected to anti-corrosion treatments that make them very resistant to all types of environmental aggressions. All our railings can be finished in thermo-lacquered, galvanized, or both procedures combined to offer greater resistance to weather conditions.

Thermo-lacquered in Railings

The thermo-lacquered finish is especially suitable for railings that are outdoors. A powder paint coating is applied to the pieces that make up the railing and they are placed in the oven at 220º to seal all the pieces. With this procedure, finishes with a plasticized look are achieved and with the possibility of providing the railings with finishes with different colors.

Hot dip galvanized in Railings according to ISO 1461

Galvanizing is a finishing technique which applies extreme heat to iron or steel pieces to immerse them in molten zinc at 450º. When immersed, this coating is applied both inside and outside the piece, thus offering a complete coating on the entire set. Thanks to this procedure, the railing is sealed and more difficult to rust, being resistant to environmental humidity, extending the useful life of the product in coastal environments.

Duplex System: Galvanized and Thermo-lacquered on Railings

If you want a complete coating, we can apply both finishes. First, zinc galvanizing is applied to the pieces to cover them both indoors and outdoors and then thermo-lacquering is applied to offer a second powder paint coating to give the piece a touch of color. In this way we can manufacture parts that are resistant in the most aggressive environments.

En el caso que estés buscando soluciones de barandillas de acero para ciudades, puedes contactar con nosotros y nuestro equipo comercial podrá darte una solución que se adapte a tus necesidades. Además, también fabricamos barandillas de acero a medida que se adaptan a las necesidades del entorno. ¿Hablamos?

In the event that you are looking for steel railing solutions for cities, you can contact us and our commercial team will be able to give you a solution that adapts to your needs. In addition, we also manufacture custom steel railings to suit the needs of the environment. We speak?


World Urban Planning Day: The importance of sustainable planning in cities

Did you know that every November 8th World Urban Planning Day is celebrated? Its objective is to promote that our cities are equipped with urban planning that considers sustainability as its central axis.

The growth of human concentration in cities and the increase in housing and traffic in urban areas are social phenomena that we have been witnessing for decades, and to which urban planning has to provide solutions. But not just any solution is worth it.

As cities grow, more needs and challenges are presented to us, and the environment is undoubtedly affected by this, a fact that we cannot afford in today's society. That cities grow is not a problem in itself, they simply have to expand and evolve, increasingly thinking about Smart Cities models, based on citizen collaboration, planning, creativity and of course, taking advantage of technology to be more sustainable. Only in this way is it possible to achieve urban and social innovation that generates the necessary efficiency in cities.


How can we achieve a more sustainable city through urban planning?


Construction of recreational areas or 'healthy enviroments'

More and more people are concentrated in cities, which generates a high concentration of people in very specific areas, where the environment is harmed, and consequently the quality of life of its inhabitants.

By healthy spaces we refer to areas such as parks, squares or any type of urban recreational areas that help dissipate population concentrations. In this sense, although urban planning plays a fundamental role, it is also necessary for people to become aware. A great example in the city of Valencia is the old riverbed of the Turia River, a green space almost 10km long that runs through the center of the city and guarantees a lung of oxygen for all its inhabitants.

House Building

As we have mentioned before, more and more people are concentrated in cities, so it is necessary to expand the urbanizable areas. The problem is that sometimes there is no choice but to build in areas close to infrastructures such as roads, railways, airports, or industrial zones. Any of these scenarios introduces different risk factors that significantly damage the quality of life of the people who occupy these areas.

In this sense, one of the decisions that should be included in urban planning is the installation of acoustic screens in urbanizations where an acoustic study determines that they are areas susceptible to excessive noise.

Urban Mobility

In a recent post we talked about mobility and safety solutions in urban environments, given that traffic problems and challenges are beginning to emerge as a priority for city managers.

In fact, many cities are embarking on processes of adaptation to new formulas for sustainable mobility. For example, for many years now, a more sustainable awareness of urban mobility has been promoted through the use of bicycles.

This is proven with the fact that most cities have an urban reorganization underway that includes an ambitious plan for the implementation of cycle lanes.

On the other hand, the social phenomenon of electric scooters is here to stay. Currently scooters circulate on the bike lane, but who knows if in the future specific urban routes will be planned in order to guarantee the differentiation of vehicles and safety in urban mobility. It is precisely these types of issues that are intended to be made visible and promoted with World Urban Planning Day.

Innovation through urban design: the drive towards the sustainable city

Throughout the article we have spoken to you in terms of ‘urban planning’. However, the true engine that allows sustainable development based on the characteristics of a Smart City, on the design for social innovation or ‘social design’.

Innovation and urban planning by the hand of the World Design Organization (WDO)

World Design Organization is an organization that is dedicated to promoting industrial design as a profession capable of generating products and infrastructures that help create a better society, with a special focus on the environment.

The WDO recognizes cities for their effective use of design to stimulate economic, social, cultural and environmental development; among which Valencia is included as the World Capital of Design 2022.

The objective of this initiative is to turn design into a tool for sustainable social and economic development. In this sense, design is essential to improve people's quality of life and act as an agent of change. It is about finding and gathering creative proposals that are capable of giving relevance to social design and urban innovation.

In addition, although from the name of the project it seems that everything begins in 2022, it does not. The mere fact that Valencia has already been chosen as the future World Capital of Design, is already producing collective synergies to give visibility to the problems that concern urban areas in order to give them solutions working from the local to the global.

The improvement of the environment implies research and development of new urban formulas, to which social design is capable of providing answers that benefit groups. Without a doubt, our cities are changing for the better… Thanks to transcendental proposals full of creativity, design and innovation.

Protect your facilities with our enclosures and fences

At Metalesa we want to be present in people's lives to make it much easier and guarantee their protection, but we will never do it in an intrusive way. Our products are integrated into roads, railways or urban areas in such a way that, although we do not make direct use of them, they are latently around us, guaranteeing our safety.

Acoustic screens, parapets, railway equipment... We have told you a lot about them on our blog; In today's article we will talk about enclosures and fences, and their applications to protect people in different areas.

Types of fences

Metal fence

At Metalesa we design, manufacture and install metal fences that serve to close any type of space. In addition, all metal enclosures undergo an anti-corrosion treatment either hot galvanized or thermo-lacquered, processes that ensure the good condition of the product over time and against inclement weather.

Vandal Fence

As its name indicates, these types of fences are used to close areas where there may be some type of conflict or security breach, and access must be limited, especially at night, guaranteeing the protection of both people and the premises.

Vandal-proof fences are normally made up of a metal module of the electrowelded or deployed type in its upper part, and of profiled sheet in its lower part. Any other design provided by the customer can also be manufactured. Our team of engineers will be in charge of carrying out the necessary structural calculations to guarantee its functionality and robustness.

Electrowelded fence

We manufacture a wide range of mesh models: smooth, folded, square, rectangular, galvanized, thermo-lacquered ... It is a product that has so many options that it is easily adaptable to any environment.

It consists of the following elements:

  • Electrowelded mesh in superimposed wire panels and welded together.
  • Round, square or rectangular tube metal posts.
  • Fixing elements: tamper-proof screws, union clamps, self-adjusting covers, and other fastening parts depending on the model.

Applications of our enclosures and fences

The installation of enclosures and fences is an element to take into account in some areas that we will now detail. In all of them we benefit from the security and orderly qualities of the different separation spaces.

Fences for the industrial field

In industries we find areas that are especially dangerous for people, or that require special protection for the goods they keep. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise extreme caution with fences that delimit its perimeter and channel its access through the points defined at the scheduled times.

We have many types of fencing for the industrial field, as an example, we list the following:

  • Perimeter security fencing
  • Pedestrian Fence
  • Column protection fence

Enclosures and fences for the educational field

More and more university campuses decide to install an enclosure that surrounds the entire perimeter in order to delimit the accesses to the campus, guaranteeing the safety of students and teachers. In addition, it is also useful as an anti-vandalism fence, since it makes it impossible to enter the enclosure at night.

Enclosures and fences for urbanizations

Installing fences in some urban environments is essential, either to guarantee the privacy and security of the tenants, or to address the acoustic problems in the area. In this case, the fencing can be made up of acoustic screens.

In this sense, acoustic barriers, in addition to serving to absorb noise from cars, the bustle of people ... They also guarantee privacy and offer an aesthetic image to the urbanization.

At Metalesa we have a wide variety of acoustic screens also designed to be installed as fences in urbanizations. Methacrylate screens, wooden or metallic acoustic panels are the most demanded for their functionality and their adaptability to the environment.

Enclosures and fences for the railway sector

We have a wide range of railway equipment, and in this post we highlight the fences and enclosures for railway areas:

ADIF type fences

In order to guarantee safety at the crossing points in railway infrastructures operated by ADIF, at Metalesa we have a complete range of specialized security systems that comply with the quality standards set by the network administrator.

With our range of ADIF-type railings and fences we can create a complete protection system within railway infrastructures. When a project of these characteristics is presented to us, we carry out a study of the needs of the layout and manufacture any element that may be required to order.

Different anticorrosive treatments can be applied to our entire range of railings and fences type ADIF, each of which offers a different type of protection.

Depending on the characteristics of the project, we can apply a hot galvanized finish, a thermo-lacquered finish or a mixed application for more aggressive environments.

Fences and enclosures for stations

Train, metro or tram stations need robust enclosure systems that are resistant to the high volume of traffic, and at the same time comply with the current regulations on rail matters set by the network operator.

Regarding train stations, whether long-distance or regional, high-speed or not, we have a wide variety of enclosures that we can manufacture on request with standard models that we have supplied in many works, or adapt to the requirements of draft.

In any case, any design can be subjected to a wide variety of anti-corrosion treatments to provide it with the appropriate layer of protection against humidity and oxidation according to the environment in which it is installed.

Do you need fences and enclosures for any of these areas or other applications? We at Metalesa know how to help you. Contact us by calling 96 088 99 44 or sending an email to

panel vegetal

How does Metalesa support our commitment to sustainability?

Contributing to the improvement of people’s lives is our general objective, but in today’s article we aspire to be much more specific, explaining specific initiatives that we carry out.

As you know, at Metalesa we take care of designing, manufacturing and installing road safety systems, urban protection systems and anti-noise equipment. But we are also aware that, as a company, we must provide solutions and be innovative to satisfy one of the priority demands of our society: a commitment to the environment and sustainability.

More and more sustainable facilities

Little by little, our facilities are evolving adopting measures that favor sustainability and reduce environmental impact, reflecting our commitment to preserving the environment.

Photovoltaic installation

We have concluded the installation a photovoltaic solar plant on the roof of the factory with which to install up to 100KW of power and be able to provide service to the factory in a remarkable way, especially in the months with the highest light incidence.

The preliminary studies of the project allow to advance an average annual external energy consumption savings of 60% with green and clean energy that, in times of excess, could be poured into the grid through new technologies and business models of distributed generation.

Replacement of LED luminaires

We have replaced the entire lighting installation in the factory and the offices with LED luminaires, managing to reduce energy consumption on an annual average by up to 15%.

While many may not need this reminder, we do share some reasons why installing LED bulbs is a more environmentally friendly option:

  • They are not made of mercury or any other toxic substance.
  • They are recyclable.
  • They have a longer life than traditional bulbs. They can last up to 20 times longer.
  • It is a cold light, so the chances of a facility fire from overheating are reduced to a minimum.

Replacement of diesel trucks with electric trucks

In the Metalesa factory we are dispensing with the consumption of diesel for our trucks, which are now powered by electric batteries. Without a doubt, an ecofriendly alternative.

Electric forklifts are 100% environmentally friendly as they produce zero emissions, therefore, they do not emit CO2 while in use. Of course, the treatment that is applied to the batteries of any vehicle once its life cycle has concluded must be taken into account. This issue is not resolved and the disappearance of greenhouse gases should not hide the fact that this point should be one of the priorities when addressing electrification in the following years of the mobility industry.

We encourage the use of paper 0

We are carrying out an intensive digitization process that aims to minimize the use of paper in the company. In this sense, with the measures taken to date, we have managed to reduce paper consumption by up to 75%.

Installation of EV charging points

Alongside the electrification of our fleet of forklifts, it is planned that the new car park at our facilities will include the provision of various electric vehicle charging points to employees.

In this way, we hope to encourage the acquisition by our staff of electric cars, aiming to save around 10,000 liters of gasoline per year.

Compliance with environmental standards and guideliness

From a regulatory point of view, we have also decided to go one step further with a plan to introduce official accreditation for advanced standards related to the environment in the company:

  • Energy Efficiency Management Systems Standard ISO 50001: This is a certificate that guarantees that the organization has a good system for the correct use of the energy consumed.
  • Carbon Footprint ISO 14067: This standard establishes a series of requirements and guidelines to carry out the quantification of the carbon footprint of the products and services offered by a company. Through this standard and the calculation of the carbon footprint, companies can know what is the impact they generate on the environment, and thus take the necessary measures to reduce it.


Products that favor sustainability: Acoustic screens against noise pollution

One of our main products are acoustic screens, barriers specially designed to end a current problem as harmful to people as it is to animals: noise pollution.

The choice of a habitat by animals depends largely on the noises that are produced in it. If an animal cannot tolerate the noise of the environment, it will hardly be able to live in it with the conditions it needs, which will cause it to migrate. If the animals disappear, the balance of the food pyramid of the place is disturbed. Ultimately, excess noise affects fauna and alters ecosystems.

Thanks to acoustic screens we can alleviate this problem through the absorption of noise that is generated on roads, railways or industries. For this reason, we have spent many years developing different acoustic screen solutions that adapt to all types of spaces and requirements.

Since in this post we are talking about the environment, we are going to highlight 3 models that are especially beneficial for our environment:

Metagreen Acoustic Screen

This type of screens, known as vegetable screens, consist of a hot galvanized steel frame, and inside it is placed rock wool or other materials, which together with a green plastic mesh facilitates the growth of vegetation on both sides of the the screen. These are panels made with sustainable and recyclable materials.

Bird Collision Screen

Bird Collision Screens are designed to prevent birds from colliding with vehicles or trains traveling on the tracks. Thanks to this type of screen, we can prevent flight areas and migratory flows from being interfered with by road or rail traffic.

Screen for wildlife passage

Screens for wildlife passage are installed in the overpasses conditioned to protect the passage of fauna and livestock that circulate along the tracks. These are wooden panels that are supplied provided with a chemical treatment that guarantees the preventive and curative action of insects and fungi as well as solar radiation. Further. The wood panels favor the respect for the environment.

[media image="4390"]

As you can see, at Metalesa we work to promote a commitment to sustainability and the protection of the environment from all the areas in which we can cover. From internal initiatives such as the reduction of emissions and discharges, or the creation of training and development programs to improve the way we live, to the reduction of the environmental impact of the manufacture of our products.

One of the main pillars within Metalesa’s vision is the improvement of society and this happens through, among other things, reducing the impact generated on the environment. In addition to continuing to enhance everything that we have explained in this post, we will continue working to increase our effect on the preservation of the environment and the improvement of people’s quality of life.