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Mobility and security solutions in urban enviroments

We are currently witnessing an increasingly accelerated evolution of our societies, and like all progress, it has its positive part and its negative part. However, this is not something new. For years, cities have been facing more and more challenges due to their unstoppable growth, the increase of traffic, the aging of the population ... All this requires providing solutions that from Metalesa we are willing to offer in order to ensure urban security...

Thanks to our experience and the products we design, manufacture and install, we are able to provide solutions to various problems that occur in cities, tackled from different fronts:


Most cities are in the process of adapting to the new mobility formulas that have emerged relatively recently.

With the aim of ensuring the sustainability of cities, for many years most cities began to establish a new urban reorganization that included bicycles on their roads; therefore, bike lanes began to be enabled to go anywhere. Now it is much more complex than that.

The popularity of electric scooters is undoubted, and it is a phenomenon that is going to increase. Sustainable, practical, efficient ... But it also represents a challenge in mobility issues, for this reason, the proliferation of new urban routes is necessary in order to guarantee safety. What products for urban security can we provide from Metalesa?

Urban Parapets

It is a containment system specially designed to be installed on urban roads, in order to provide safety and aesthetics in urban areas such as streets, avenues, roundabouts ...

With the installation of urban parapets in the cities, it is intended to guarantee the safety of both pedestrians, cyclists and people who use the electric scooter to get around. In addition, they are also used to adequately contain vehicles that circulate through urban areas or those limited to 50 km/h.

Cyclopeatonal Railings

In addition to the urban parapets, in Metalesa we have more products destined to the protection of those groups that move around the cities using ‘more vulnerable’ transports; this links with one of our main objectives, to ensure road safety.

Cyclo-pedestrian railings are containment systems for cyclists and pedestrians. They are usually installed in road areas where bicycles and mopeds circulate. Therefore, it is a safety element that cannot be missed in order to reduce accidents.

Its height between 1.3 m and 1.5 m depends on what the requirement is. In addition, at Metalesa we add an aesthetic touch to our cyclopedestrian rails so that they integrate perfectly into the environment.


With the same objective of guaranteeing safety of mobility, we design, manufacture and install bollards to prevent vehicles from entering pedestrian areas.

It is a steel pole anchored in the ground, ideal to cushion shocks. Therefore they are essential in any urban area and establishments such as shopping centers, gyms, open parking lots ...


Noise pollution is another of the fronts to which we have always wanted to solve, and on which it is increasingly necessary to take action. Not all the problems that a city brings are visible ... noise is not, and from our experience and contact with groups that suffer from it, we can affirm that it is a very serious problem.

The growth of cities has influenced in increasing the acoustic problem. Cities have been expanding, and for example, the presence of housing estates near industrial estates is not uncommon. In addition, although more and more limits are imposed on the passage of vehicles through downtown areas of the cities, the excess of traffic, and the noise pollution they entail, continue to be a topic on the agenda.

How do we get involved from Metalesa to solve the challenge of ending noise that is so damaging and so bothersome?

Acoustic Screens

Acoustic screens or anti-noise screens have the mission of minimizing the impact of noise pollution in cities. We have assumed that they are necessary on roads, in the vicinity of the railway network or in industrial areas ... but we are not always aware of the noise level with which we live in urban areas.

Our Urban Screens

The growing concern for acoustic quality in urban areas has led us to design urban screens that fulfill a double function: protection and aesthetics. At Metalesa we have a wide variety of acoustic screens specially designed to be installed in cities. Methacrylate screens, wooden or metal acoustic panels are the most demanded for their functionality and adaptability to the environment.

Urban Support Equipment

We are increasingly part of more advanced and developed societies in all aspects. For this reason, the aging of the population is an evident phenomenon. Hope and quality of life is much higher than a few years ago, which, being a positive fact, means having to adapt cities to this part of the population, enabling urban structures to guarantee their protection and facilitating their limited capacities for mobility.

These are more vulnerable groups for security purposes, so it is necessary to pay special attention to them. In addition, of the urban parapets and the cyclo-pedestrian railings explained above, at Metalesa we manufacture all kinds of fences and railings that adapt to the needs of each urban space and the group that routinely travels it, especially thinking of older people.

Steel railings, cable railings, or perforated sheet metal are some examples of urban fences that give cities protection and style.

The development of cities is something unstoppable, therefore, we must adapt and assume the challenges that arise as society progresses. At Metalesa we are ready to solve these challenges and we will be happy to help you if that is also your goal. For more information about our urban products or to request a quote, do not hesitate to contact us by calling 96 088 9944 or sending us an email at

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Nose limits in Leisure Premises and how to fulfill them

All cities have their leisure activities, which is something necessary as it invites to enjoyment. However, in some situations this leisure crosses the limit of fun and becomes quite a serious problem, even more in summer time. The noise emitted by the music of nightclubs, game rooms, pubs, terraces and the bustle of people, usually causes the discontent of the residents who live in the area, affecting their rest and health. The noise pollution generated by entertainment venues is a problem in today's cities that we cannot ignore, which is why at Metalesa we provide solutions thanks to our acoustic screens.

In addition to complying with the regulations, the installation of anti-noise screens for the acoustic insulation of leisure establishments is also a good way to save yourself from misunderstandings with the neighborhood, improving the image of your business in the area since the neighbors will have no complaints about its operation.

Nose limits in leisure premises

According to Law 7/2002 on protection against noise pollution, these are the maximum noise levels allowed for leisure venues:

  • Clubs: 104 dB (A)
  • Rooms with a musical setting: 90 dB (A)
  • Game rooms: 85 dB (A)
  • Bars and restaurants: 80 dB (A)

The problem arises when, despite the fact that these establishments comply with acoustic regulations, it is not enough to avoid that the neighbors who live around them are not affected by the noise pollution that comes from this type of premises.

How to meet the noise limits in leisure premises

At Metalesa we care about protecting what matters most to us: people. All our products and services are intended to guarantee security, and in this case we make sure to protect them from noise excess with the installation of acoustic screens.

The urbanizations or buildings that are close to nightclubs often have to withstand the noise that comes from them. The reverberations of the music as well as the noise caused by the entry and exit of people from a leisure venue are always a problem. For this reason, at Metalesa we design, manufacture and install acoustic screens around entertainment venues.

We are aware that an acoustic screen is not usually a decorative element, therefore we have acoustic screens with an aesthetic finish that will make them fit perfectly with the design of your leisure business.

But what are the steps for the installation of acoustic screens in my entertainment venue?

Conducting an acoustic study

The first step when carrying out an installation of acoustic screens is to carry out an acoustic study to obtain noise maps. Their evaluation allow us to give all the necessary information to decide the optimum product to isolate the noise source. At Metalesa we work with the leading companies in the acoustic studies sector to always offer the best results.

Once we get the data from the study, we will know how and where to put the acoustic screens. Then we carry out the manufacture and installing operations. Finally another acoustic study is carried out in the area to check the effectiveness of the installation and verify that we have eradicated the noise problem.

Acoustic screens for entertainment venues

Urban Acoustic Screen

The urban screens that surround the exteriors of the terraces of the leisure venues fulfill a double function: environmental and aesthetic. They are made up of acoustic panels and a supporting structure that supports them.

They can be made of three types of materials: metal, methacrylate or wood. Each one has advantages that make them optimal for each type of location. For example, metal or wood, in addition to improving acoustic behavior, achieve a privacy effect; If your place is a more intimate place, these will be ideal.

On the other hand, within the urban screens, the transparent methacrylate acoustic screens manage to bounce the noise towards the interior of the premises without giving up the views. If your place has wonderful views of the sea, you can take advantage of the installation of methacrylate acoustic screens to isolate the noise without missing the view. Without a doubt, this type of panel is a very good option for leisure establishments, since it provides a lot of style and, above all, allows it to comply with regulations.

Metagreen Acoustic Screen

The metallic screen with vegetal mesh is not only a very effective acoustic solution, in leisure establishments it fulfills an aesthetic function that adapts to any type of design.

Inside, rock wool and other materials are placed, along with a green plastic mesh that facilitates the growth of vegetation on both sides. They are perfect for creating a vertical garden that, in addition to isolating noise, will help us decorate the walls of the premises.

Acoustic Design Screen

As mentioned above, at Metalesa we take care of offering a quality product that not only meets high expectations in relation to acoustic problems, but also at the level of design and adaptation to the space of our clients. In the case of leisure premises, it is evident that the acoustic screens, in addition to fulfilling their insulating function, must be visually attractive so that they do not clash in the decoration of the premises.

Our design acoustic screens guarantee maximum noise absorption and great durability, in addition, we offer various alternatives such as anti-corrosion, hot-dip galvanized, thermo-lacquered treatments and the combination of both treatments.

Is the acoustic insulation of the leisure venues compulsory?

In Spain, municipalities and autonomous communities are given the power to regulate noise in the areas where leisure venues are located. In this sense, if necessary, it is mandatory in order to comply with the regulations in force in each community and to ensure the well-being of the residents who live in the area.

In any case, in order to ensure that it complies with regulations, it is best to achieve the maximum possible insulation. In this way it will be able to adapt to any regulation, even when it becomes more restrictive, which can happen at any time.

Noise Penalties in entertainment venues

The truth is that in Spain there are numerous sanctions in cases where discotheques and party places exceed the acoustic limit established by law. The communities with the most penalties are Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Madrid, Andalusia and Valencia.

The law acts and sanctions this excess noise, with different types of fines depending on the case:

  • Minor: the fine to pay is 600 euros.
  • Serious: the local must pay a fine of between 601 and 12,000 euros.
  • Very serious: they must pay between 12,001 and 300,000 euros. In addition, the revocation of the validity of the municipal installation or activity license or the suspension thereof for a period of time between one year and one day and five years. In fact, the authorities could close the establishment for a certain period of time.

If you are the owner of a leisure venue, do not hesitate to contact us. It is not worth risking a possible fine, nor to earn the discontent of your neighborhood. Bet on the safety, health and aesthetics that our acoustic screens guarantee. To request a quote call us at 96 088 99 44 or send us an email to